SUBRANNI ZAUBER LLC – Full Service Business Attorneys

Welcome to the site of Subranni Zauber LLC. Since our law firm was founded in 1972 in Atlantic City, we have grown from a solo practice to a multi-location firm with offices throughout New Jersey, Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The firm is known for providing innovative solutions to distressed businesses and individuals. In recent years the firm expanded from its insolvency roots to including a full array of business services to better assist its business and corporate clients. The firm currently includes ten attorneys licensed in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and Illinois to help service all of your business needs.

Subranni Zauber LLC has been practicing in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware for more than 40 years. If real experience counts when looking for attorneys….Look No Further.

Owners meet many challenges running a business or corporation on a daily basis. Many smart and ambitious people devote their lives only to run into tough times that puts the future of their business in question. During a time of financial turmoil, a cloud of creditors seem to overwhelm you and your profits. At this pivotal and stressful time, you need a plan that can optimize your costs and benefits. Subranni Zauber LLC can help!